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LOCATION: Florida --> Tampa Bay --> Sarasota County - Sarasota County

Nationally known Car Rental Business in SW Florida

Operate one of the best-known National Rent-a-Car agencies including a large fleet of cars. Run your own car rental agency in the heart of sunny Southwest Florida. This isn’t just any opportunity—it’s a chance to build on a top-tier brand, backed by excellent support and cutting-edge technology. You have the opportunity to steer the course of one of the nation's foremost car rental agencies, unbound by the typical constraints of franchising.

A Blend of Ownership and Tradition

Transition into the realm of independent operation, where ownership intertwines with a legacy of trust and reliability. You won’t find a traditional franchise here. Instead, they offer the Independent Operator Program that allows you the benefits of ownership without franchise fees. You will represent one of the best-known national car rental brands. Your agency will benefit from the reputation and trust associated with this iconic name. In addition, when it comes to marketing, they do the heavy lifting, both national and local, and are meticulously curated, allowing you to shape the narrative within your local community.

Your Responsibilities

They provide you with a diverse fleet of vehicles, catering to tourists, locals, and businesses alike. Your responsibility is to provide personnel and operational responsibility of running the business. Fundamentally your only significant cost relates to personnel to operate the business the national company pays for most everything. In other words, you assume the reins of your agency, where a diverse fleet of vehicles awaits your strategic insight. They assume the cost of national marketing and almost all operational costs. To facilitate your operation, they both train you and give you access to their cutting-edge technology. That is their advanced Rate Management Program and Rental Car Software. Seamlessly merge efficiency with customer satisfaction, staying one step ahead in an ever-evolving industry.

Business and Trademark Excellence

You will join the ranks of independent operators who have thrived for over three decades. In Southwest Florida, where seasonal tides ebb and flow, find solace in the steady influx of visitors and the burgeoning local populace, ensuring a flourishing path ahead.

The Open Road Awaits: Your Journey Beckons

Your role transcends mere business operations; it embodies a co 

Contact:  Steven N. Whitehill
Phone:  (561) 995-9906
Anchor Business & Financial Services
5814 NW 24th Terrace
Boca Raton, FL 33496

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